Our clients range from small to medium sized enterprises to select corporates. One thing they have in common is the need for reliable capital and sound financial structures that meet their objectives.

We specialise in financing clients in capital intensive industries, including:

  • miners and mining services
  • civil construction and infrastructure
  • transport and logistics
  • agribusiness
  • manufacturing
  • and many others…so chances are we’ve worked with your industry too!

Our clients typically stick with us, appreciating our consultative approach, depth of experience and commitment to a transparent and ethical service. Some recent examples of our work is listed below;-

Deals Brokered – “from concept to settlement”

Mining & Civil Services – $18m cap-ex lines for mining and civil services company with security over equipment alone comprising large mining trucks, various yellow goods and light commercial vehicles. No intrusion on existing banker conditions or securities. Approved via Major 1st tier Australian bank and global fleet leasing finance co. Covenant and security light at a lower aggregate fixed cost than incumbent bank.

Civil – $10m total equipment term loans and working capital facilities for company acquisition. Initially engaged as a consutant to assist navigation with incumbent lender. Better deal sourced at higher leverage against equipment and accounts receivable assets (debtors) at a comparable interest rate to a bank through a major finance company. Transactional banking facilities successfully confirmed and retained with incumbent banker. Consulting fees rebated to client post lender payment made to MDA.

Diversified industrial and logistics – $25m  – multiple capex lines/property facilities for heavy transport equipment, corporate aircraft under import with trade finance and currency hedge, light fleet, commercial property refinance and debtor finance consulting review. Covenant light, stand alone without floating charges ring fenced from existing lender securities. Several major banks and a major captive finance company.

Civil services – $3m – operating lease capex line for light vehicle fleet (100 units) to meet growth requirements and change out hired vehicles to operating leases with 50% operational cost savings. Vehicle sourcing also established via MDA Finance at significant cost savings with major vehicle OEM under financial accreditation with Toyota Fleet Management. A seamless solution with large cost reductions and client controllership.

Transport – $18m – total capex lines for major transport company ring fenced from primary banker for prime movers, trailers and light vehicles. No additional security negotiated. Major bank, regional bank and major captive finance company.

Transport – $8m – Company acquisition – Equipment finance , corporate credit cards, bank guarantees, transactional banking facilities. Took an expression of interest to Australian debt market  for $200m revenue co to acquire smaller revenue co in specialised sub-market. Leveraged equipment asset base for debt purchase and structured debt to minimise purchaser cash contribution and monthly repayment outflows at sub 5% pre tax interest cost. MDA played the key role in financial optimisation, cost savings and security perfection.

Consulting / Restructuring Mandates

Logistics – $5m corporate working capital debt under rigid non revolving facilities at above market interest rates. Negotiated with incumbent bank to restructure into debtor finance product to provide immediate and flexible liquidity at average reduction of 2.75% portfolio cost with extra limit headroom for further anticipated growth in the business.

Civil construction – $11m in existing term debt facilities and $4m capex review. Client required simplification of existing facilities with differing conditions and covenants and potentially a new banker for transactional services. Achieved two major bank offers that would enable the release of $1m in security, a saving of 2% upon weighted interest rate and $0.25m per annum in cash flow repayment savings by selectively aligning finance amortisation to equipment life on some equipment assets.

Mining – $200m capex – performed a preminary review for ASX listed miner’ capex program in terms of structured operating lease and standard finance product options available in the Australian market place for a new mine project in Queensland. Market capacity strategically assessed and recommendations offered to CFO.

Mining services – $50m – reviewed key clients existing financial facilities in context of declining forward revenue position as industry downturn took effect. Restructuring recommendations directed and effected with significant cash flow savings and partial security releases.   Encompassed direct refinance of $35m with incumbent banker and new brokered facilities to optimise majority residual debt of $10m to another major lender.


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