MDA Finance always holds a current “road map” on what general terms lenders offer on their vast range of business products.

The derivative benefit to our clients is a smoother navigation of the debt financing process saving them time and other resources.

Equipment Finance

You may not be aware that Equipment finance business exceeded a substantial $50b in Australia for the year 2014  from  I.T devices to mining shovels. With this significance the market options have become substantial.

Whatever your need is, we have the product access and product type which broadly encompasses, Finance Lease, Operating Lease, Hire Purchase, Chattel Mortgage Loans & Rental Facilities. We work with you to ascertain your total annual cap-ex needs, repayment budgets, seek limits and approved structures with lenders in advance of settlement needs so future drawdowns are ready to draw with pre agreed terms. We always aim to set these facilities on a stand alone basis, isolated from your existing banking facilities and limit conditions, covenants and collateral securities wherever possible.

Once limits are set MDA manages the whole process from origination to drawdown on each and every piece of equipment – you simply present us with a suppliers invoice and we take it from there.

Commercial Property Finance/Residential Development

Whether it is an existing property or one to be developed and constructed, is an industrial warehouse or a commercial factory, a strata office or an entire office building with multiple tenancies we have access to the products you need through our deep panel of lenders.

From progressive loans, bank bills, fully drawn advances and lines of credit we are ready to engage our lenders to formally consider your needs on terms from 3 months to 15 years on principal and interest or interest only repayment periods.

Working Capital Finance

“Cash is king” and drives liquidity in your operations. Having an irregular cash flow or trade terms to win new business without stretching your suppliers can be challenging.

MDA is connected to lenders that provide overdraft facilities secured by commercial property or debtor finance secured by your debtors/accounts receivable from a range of bank and non bank providers. We are also connected to lenders that provide insurance premium financing that smooth the repayment of annual insurance obligations into monthly instalments, secured by the premium at comparable interest rates to an overdraft facility. Improving net cash flow is a fundamental MDA Finance consideration in every debt opportunity we review.

Acquisition Finance

Often the fastest form of growth in your business is to acquire a competitor and once you are satisfied with your due diligence on agreed terms its time to talk potential debt capital.

MDA has access to lenders who are able to consider debt to complete such purchases that may use a mix of financial products to balance repayment obligations over short and longer terms whilst aiding working capital flows under transition.

If additional capital or private equity is needed to complete, MDA has access to various providers who may be able to assist to blend the best leveraged outcome.

Refinancing and Restructuring

All companies can be prone to experience change from a multitude of reasons or have entered debt facilities with the wrong terms such as amortising equipment with a 7-10 year life over a 3 year term. Business cycles, variable demand for product/service, increasing supplier costs, persistent poor weather, etc; can all impact weekly cash flows, daily cash balances and the bottom line.

In privately held businesses, owners, management and shareholders may come and go and often require financial consideration to exit. This can be heightened with a lack of key succession planning and limited cash resources to effect such an event.

MDA principal has significant experience working with lenders who see beyond the face value of the balance sheet where equipment revaluations, accounts receivable and the collective enterprise value of the business can potentially be leveraged to a higher security position and subsequent increased lending advance. Additional benefit  arises from restructuring the debt to effect a lower repayment over a longer term to enable additional financial considerations from surplus cash flow.

MDA takes a holistic position in forming recommendations and can be engaged as a consultant to assist such reviews or a full broker mandate, taking the proposal from concept to settlement with you. We have access to tax advisors and valuers for full independent review.

General Transactional Banking and Related Products

MDA possesses a deep financial network, hence a complimentary service to brokering or consulting on debt products is that we are able to assist with related products that can encompass a complete business or corporate banking package.

Transactional banking accounts, trade finance, hedging, bank guarantees and corporate credit cards for example can be introduced by our panel lenders or you may chose to have us help you navigate the process with your incumbent bank.

Disclaimer: Please note that all products are subject to formal application and a lenders credit approval and independent tax advice relevant to your company should be obtained before entering a specific transaction.

Please contact us for more information.